About Dan McKeown

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs in the 1980s in the early days of the personal computer revolution. I first learned to program on an IBM PC Jr. in 1984 and have seen the rise and fall of bulletin board services, walled-garden online providers, pop-up windows, Flash, and [soon enough] Internet Explorer. I was in San Francisco during the 2000s and saw the beginnings of modern browsers and smart phones. Now the modern technology stack offers an extraordinary array of poweful options to store and share data, communicate, and conduct business. I can be your guide through these technologies and help you implement the best option for your requirments. Having developed, released and maintained iOS and Android apps, I can help you decide if the app platforms are the right medium for your project--and then build the app for you according to your needs. Push notifications, data persistence, cloud services, user authentication? I am able to implement these complex features quickly and efficently. And it will need to integrate with your web site--which we can build using cutting-edge ReactJS components running on a NodeJS server. Or do you want to build a Ruby on Rails site? We can get an easy-to-develop Rails 5 site up and running fast, given my experience creating web apps with that platform. Or do you want to take advantage of the massive PHP ecosystem? I have deployed many PHP sites--from WordPress blogs to secure e-stores.